Wedding Trends 2019… Decoration, Wedding dress and more…

The new trends have created a comfortable bride who does not have to be suffering all night with an uncomfortable dress, in this occasion we say goodbye to princess dresses and we welcome the sets of two pieces, pants and shirt, skirt and shirt and the beautiful and so fashionable jumpsuits, where pockets are included for a modern bride.






Delicate lace and a modem ball skirt from Alyne Collections

Wedding Dress by Rita Vinieris I Photo by Natalie Jo Wedding Photography.



Dahlias are the flowers chosen for their variety of colors and this year they have taken center stage at weddings for floral arrangements and bouquets. Dahlias have become the star flowers of 2019.

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Flowers at weddings can never be absent but this time we accompany them with beautiful balloons placed in arches that bring elegance and beauty interspersed with beautiful and colorful flowers.

This photo was taken from Pinterest


Goodbye to the rustic and vintage weddings of so fashionable in the last seasons, in 2019 opens the way to the new trend with wild and natural designs where large amounts of vegetation and greenery will replace the floral centers.



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